Small wins and fire prevented

Finally did a few minor things I’ve been putting off on the Cruiser last night. First is I replaced the long dead bulbs in the climate controls. So nice to be able to ready my controls at night now...though its not like you couldn’t stab at them in the dark and get what you wanted before. I also noticed something interesting - the back of the climate control has a switch that allows me to turn off the ambient air temp sensor making it fully manual. Not sure why, but its nice to know if that sensor even bugs out I can still use my climate control.

Next thing was replacing a usb cable that goes through my dash to power a phone I have permanently mounted for the sole use of Torque pro


Which turned out to be a major safety win as it meant pulling that phone off its cradle for the first time in a long time.


yikes! Well...that phone done.

Lastly I went full conspiracy theory and did this.


Now the government can’t transmit fuel economy robbing waves into my engine.

Also heat.

Stage 1 - clean and degrease. Man that’s a clean looking 23 year old part!


Stage 2 - wrap with high temp pipe insulation


Stage 3 - wrap with high temp foil tape


Will it curb my 160+ intake temps on hot summer days? Probably not, but now its more flash,

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