So, some of you may know that I like to explore abandoned buildings. That’s relevant to this story. But anyway, a while ago, I was talking to this girl on Tinder. She was into that as well, and I happened to notice a pair of Miatas in her Instagram feed. I asked about them and found out that they belong to her and her boyfriend. (Why was she on Tinder, then? But anyway...) She told me that hers is automatic and her boyfriend is the one who’s really into them. I told her to hold onto him, because that’s fucking awesome. Then I went to bed, and woke up the next day, and said good morning, and never got a reply again. Shame, because I could easily see the two of them becoming great friends of mine.
Fast forward a month or so to yesterday. I’m meeting some guy from an urban exploration forum because he’s new to the site and I’m the only other member in his hometown. He pulls up to our meeting spot.... driving the other Miata from this girl’s picture. So holy shit.