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Smart/logical minds needed. Topic: Ghosts

Car related because Volvo-Royce XC Ghost Allroad.

OPPO members (mostly OG cats and those that have been around the block) are indeed a smart and logical bunch. I’m very much a fan of a spooky tale involving the paranormal but am always cemented to logic and what truly was the reason behind them. To me ghost can’t possibly exist. It’s impossible.


Most things duh always begins with, “I was asleep” or anything else that could be immediately debunked with dreaming. The lack of this make my experience yesterday a bit harder to debunk.

The time was around noon and my wife and I were around the dinning room table located around 10 feet from the stove area. The dogs were outside running around like forever and always. I was facing the stove but not looking directly at it. I was looking at my wife and in my peripheral vision I saw the handle of a pan lift up about 6 inches then slam down and wobbled for a bit.


WTF!!! We stared at each other for a while then walked over. Like the picture above (taken late at night for reference purposes), there is absolutely nothing anywhere around the pan to cause it just hop up like that. The stove nor the oven had been used all day or even the day before. The pan stayed perfectly in the center since I used it to heat up some homemade flour tortillas on Firday. We were in a hurry to leave so we just left it as is.

We got home from some last minute grocery shopping around 11pm. My wife was in the living room and I was around the dinning room table sorting out the things and getting some water form the water cooler on the opposite wall to the stove when all of a sudden BANG!!!!


No flippin way dudes, the same pan was now on the ground like a Camry and spinning!!!! WTF!!!!!! My wife came over and was asking what the noise was and was equally stunned. It was very quiet in the house and if the pan were to slide off for some reason, I would of heard the loud scratching noises from the texture bottom running along the heating coils and edge of the metal stove. Nope, just a loud BANG!! The 4 chihuahuas and the extra large doberman were with my wife in the living room.


TL:DR A freaking pan bounce up and down on the stove and then later jumped completely off onto the floor by itself without anything around it yesterday.

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