So I'm going to Canada. I pulled out my Garmin last night to pre-set the hotels we'll be staying at and the damn thing wouldn't pull up Canada. Did some digging and it turns out my device doesn't come with Canadian maps. Oh well. I'll just get the map... map of Canada costs $60? WTF?

Time to call Verizon and see how much it costs to get some data for international use. $25 for 100mb? Hrm that's a rip off, but that doesn't sound so bad. How much data does a phone use as a GPS? 500mb in 10 minutes you say? $20.48 per 1mb over 100mb you say? $59,417.00 for the first hour you say? F U I say. $60 for a map on a Garmin sounds reasonable now I say.

Some people have said I can use google maps without using data and it'll give turn by turn directions. I'm wondering how that works. I'm going to ask a very stupid question but how can it determine the speed of the car and know when you approach a turn... or does it just give you map quest style turn by turn directions and if you make a wrong turn you're screwed?

I think my parents have a GPS i can use with Canada maps, but still I'm looking for a single figure solution (ie less than $10) rather than a 5 figure an hour solution.