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Yes, literally. I smashed my middle finger with the hammer while roofing yesterday. It will be ok. It’s just a bit sore.

But wait, there are still tarps up there!

Yes, there are. I learned that the kit includes just enough shingles for an experienced roofer to complete the job. A roofing hack like me needs one more bundle to get the job done. I’m one row shy on both sides, plus the ridge. What’s worse is that the lumber company I bought it from is only open Monday through Friday and nobody else stocks the brand and style of shingles I’m using.


I finished up the front wall. I’m visiting a recycling center tomorrow to look for a window and maybe some doors. I’m still debating about the final door layout. If I don’t find something I like, I’ll just build my own.

That’s it for another weekend of work on the building. I’ll be settling into a new cubicle tomorrow morning, but I may find some time to work on the building this week, especially now that we have more daylight.

Happy workweek, Oppo!

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