Big fires brought a lovely campfire musk to the valley this morning.


The wind started to clear it out, while we waited we stopped by the barber to get a shave

And check out this sweet wagon!


Also I didn’t realize this but Salt Lake City had a USGS station and observatory in the 1860's. I think its fascinating in the current culture of Science v Religion that it was important enough to the Christian settlers of the valley to set up a celestial observatory along with accurate time keeping. They were checking in on the moons of Jupiter and tracking their orbits in between shifts of building a temple.

The date on this appears to be wrong, given that the Salt Lake Temple had only been dedicated by this time and it would take another 40 years to complete. The actual date is closer to 1869

“What a glorious field of intelligence now lies before us, yet but partially explored. What a boundless expanse for contemplation and reflection now opens to our astonished vision. What an intellectual banquet spreads itself invitingly to our appetite, calling into lively exercise every power and faculty of the mind, and giving full scope to all the great and ennobling passions of the soul. . . . All the virtuous principles of the human mind may here expand and grow, and flourish, unchecked by any painful emotions or gloomy fears.”

-Parley Pratt

Pratt (orsen) was also responsible for the thankfully logical street layouts of grids based on a central meridian. If you’ve tried to navigate in Salt Lake area you appreciate this


Thats about it. Were doing a birthday dinner for my 5 year old tonight then I’ll be in seattle in the morning, then in Alaska the rest of the week.


If you are anywhere near pier 91 and 66 tomorrow wave your hand out the window...I’ll notice.

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