I went on vacation to Sevierville / Pigeon Forge TN with my two sisters their kids and my dad. Had a great time and enjoyed the views and I bought 360 lbs of rocks! :P

Too touristy for me, but I went to the Titanic museum which was pretty good, liked the LEGO titanic model.

View from the cabin.

View down below! Must be 100ft down and then the mountain goes straight down.


Cabins in the mountains across at night looks beautiful.

The vehicle of choice :D ‘18 Colorado ZR2. Handled the mountain roads like it was nothing.


Went to cades cove and spent a few hours to enjoy it. Pictures dont show how great it is.


Went in John Olivers cabin

Best pancakes I ever had is over here in Gatlingburg. I had reeses peanut butter pancakes with loaded potatoes on the side :D


The smoky mountains


The rest of the week was raining, but I always wanted to go to Fontana dam. It was a fun drive, I took the road around newfound gap, but once I got to the dam, it was pouring down raining and even the visitor center was closed do to a power outage. How can a hydroelectric dam have a power outage is puzzling, but oh well :/

I went to a local landscaping place and bought 360lbs of river rocks for my fishpond and various projects. I cant believe I only paid $16 for all of it. That was the 2nd best part of the vacation. Loved hand picking each rock, im weird like that :P


Best views I could get.


The living room of the cabin. It was pretty good. Water stunk and the place looked well worn and dusty. 

A beautiful sunset.

My souvenirs. A cabin looking quilt, jeep licence plate for my room or for future jeep, handmade smoky mountain pine candle, handmade cutting board, circuis peanuts (ate em all ),bag of rocks from the pancake gift shop, and plush bear.


I went to the Mercedes Benz visitor center on the way home. I had a great time looking at all the German engineering. Pictures were welcome and I took quite a few which I will make a new post showing my visit. Got a 1:18 GLK SUV from the gift shop :D

The rocks are in the garage and will take a pic soon.

I cant wait to go back and hopefully the dam will be fully visible