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Well since we are sticking around, for now at least, I figured I would get some advice and opinions from you all.

Now that I have moved home and have space to work on the ‘69 Austin Healey Sprite I have kind of changed my ideas for the car. Before I was just going for a light resto mod. Basically all stock with light upgrades to make more reliable and more comfortable, because if I can I would drive her everyday.

That plan has evolved a bit and I’d really like to do a vintage rally resto mod kind of deal.


I draw a fair amount of inspiration from this car. I have a roll bar and some cheap seats that will need to be replaced by some sort of real race seat eventually. I have a Marschal 710 and 712 because I was going to do one spot and one fog, but I really like the quads with the regular headlamps so somehow I’ll need another of each. If anyone has a line on those please let me know. I already have better wheels and tires. Not mini mags because I just don’t like them.

Other than that I have a general idea of things, but I wanted some input from people that maybe know rally racing or vintage racers. Like I’ll need a good clock and a rally timer etc. I just am not too sure where to start my look for products that I could use for Regularity/TSD rallies and look the part when doing some auto x and fun rally driving.


Maybe not this wild an interior, but it is an idea.


Dual side draft carbs too at some point and if I can really get some extra money to throw at her, the Cross flow heads because those add some great performance.

So any ideas of what parts, accessories, and mechanical changes I should make would be greatly appreciated.


Stay strong Oppo

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