Following up on my previous post! :D

No word yet on my package, but both packages were sent several weeks ago. I mailed mine off from Lunenburg, NS on August 11th (with 5 minutes to spare before the Post Office closed!) and Borsuq mailed his off on August 16th just a few days later.

Canada Post was apparently the model of efficiency as my package made it from here all the way to Eastern Poland by August 31st! :D

Borsuq took these pics of all the things I sent him. It was an expensive venture. Excluding all the stuff, it cost me $100 CAD to ship, but it’s worth it to do something fun once and awhile! :)

FYI the CIA CHA cookie package at the mid-left (black and orange) was NOT something I sent, but something Borsuq put there for reference:

The contents in their totality!



I sent Borsuq a set of Canadian coins....multiples of some as special designs of Canadian coins are common. Most of the set I sent were of the current Canada 150th birthday special set (the Canada 150th Toonie has the Aurora Borealis on it which glows in the dark! :D). :)


As a joke, a little Canada Flag pin and a bookmark with the Canadian national anthem were included as well! :P

Borsuq, like me, has a thing for weird and crappy Eastern Bloc cars and cars in general....he also has a thing for big or stereotypical American I sent him 3 car brochures. The first was a brochure from 1998 of the full Lincoln Canada lineup, along with a 1998 Plymouth Breeze brochure. When I was a kid, the Canadian International Auto Show was held in Halifax, Nova Scotia (an hour from me) for the first time (and only time that I’ve ever seen...) - I would’ve been 12 at the time, but I vividly remember going and collecting multiples of many, many brocures and freebies scattered around (FYI the Plymouth Backpack concept looks awesome in person when you’re 12!). These two brochures came from that show. :D

I also sent a 1976 Pontiac brochure from when my parents were looking for a car before my brother and I were born! :D


As for snacks, I sent along many Canadian chocolate bars (Wunderbar, EatMore, Crispy Crunch, Caramilk, Mr. Big, Maltesers) you can’t really get in Poland (although I later found out Mars and Bounty are actually sold in Poland!) Plenty snacks were sent as well, including lots of salty stuff (Hostess Hickory Sticks, Party Mix, Bits and Bites, All Dressed chips, Ringolos and BBQ Crispers) - Doritos Sweet Chili Heat were REQUIRED as they are my favorite chip, and Presidents Choice Maple Bacon chips were sent because CANADA.

Some sweet was necessary as well! Canadian Maple Creme cookies were a must, as well as the lightly sweetened cereal which is my favorite - Oatmeal Crisp. Borsuq got the Triple Berry variant which looks like this - tasty oatmeal flakes lightly sweetened along with tasty pieces of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries! I prefer the Raisin-Almond variant, personally, but Triple Berry is good too!


Lastly, I sent along two car models I’ve had since I was a space was limited in my box with everything else already in it, I included small 1996 Ertl model of an old 1950 ‘Murican Chevy pickup, and a small, but very detailed HO scale Monogram model of a 80's Camaro Z28. :D

I’m told the Maple Creme cookies are already gone and Borsuq really liked ‘em, especially when eaten with coffee (as a lot of people do around here). The Doritos are gone too, which he also really liked (this was good news to my personal opinion of them :P). The Ringolos are gone too and reminded him a lot of a similar Polish snack called Chio Taccos :D

Borsuq has decided to share some of the other goodies with his family so I’ll find out his verdict on those once he visits them next!


Suffice it all to say we’re both enjoying the exchange so far! Looking forward to later this week when my parcel from him should arrive! :D

Sorry for the somewhat rambling nature of this post and the novel, haha!