So I was driving home at midnight, an unordinary time, as I was returning from a retail repair.

Observing limits when posted, of course. So I pass through the one-light town, wait for the light since there’s a cop at the closed gas station. No 1-2-3 check both ways and go. Just wait.

Anyway, I go off observing the limits, drop into the roller coaster (I have names for certain turns) and transition to a reasonable speed, but a bit crazy for the turns. Just a bit. You have to keep a margin at night for random deer, etc.

But now there’s another car. ? Wait, no, they have a headlight out. Somebody else is driving home, trying to tag along so not to get in trouble. I continue, as physics and basic Honda are a careful balance. I’m no Harris Monkey.


5 miles later.. bluebar.. what?

“Sir I’ve observed you crossing the yellow (edge) 8-9 times.”

“Sorry..” (gets license and reg)

(since the cop thought I knew it was him, I explained the headlight issue..)

That went nowhere. . If anything we almost came to the mutual conclusion that we were both speeding.. vague entrapment argument quelshed, he wants to make sure, so...


I blow a .0000000000 and get to keep the straw.

and go on my way. No ticket. (this is the second time since I got this car I’ve been pulled over. The last one, nada. 10 years of nada. Unfamilar driving is indistinguishable from bad driving, apparently. Also, I think the car is about a foot wider than my older car..)


And yeah, I did notice I tend to hit the bumps on the yellow in turns. Empty road, of course, but I can understand, having taken a turn wide with another car in the lane.. long ago. I am of the possibly flawed opinion that an empty road lane should be used completely (but not the middle, duh. I mean.. edges of the yellow.)

I guess I need to practice. And just because their lights are wonky, don’t assume it’s not a cop.