I bought one of these systems last week and it was delivered yesterday.Yes I know there is a newer version with a case that actually looks like a SNES, but his one is cheaper.

It only has 20 games on it, but they all the game you need are there Zelda LTTP, Super Mario World, Mario Cart (which doesn’t look great on a modern TV), F-Zero, a couple Kirby games, And Donkey Kong Country! There is a way to hack it an load in other ROMs which I may to in the future. I still need to do more research on that.


The main menu is easy to use simple to navigate, and even looks like it belongs on an SNES. There are 3 display options including one that simulates the effect of an older CRT TV, which I haven’t used, but I’ll try it out sometime. There is a good chance this console will end up in my bed room where my CRT TV is. So no need for the filter. I will need to get an HDMI in, AUX out adapter tho.

One gripe I had with it is that it doesn’t come with a power adapter, they recommend you buy one for a Switch, which is only 10 bucks, it does at least come with a USB cable, and HDMI cable.

Jonah and I had lots of fun playing Mario Cart, and even more fun with the 2 player Kirby game, which I’d never played before, In fact I had never played any Kirby game at all. after he went to bed I spent an hour on Link to the Past. So much nostalgia.

Overall I’m happy with the system and I have no doubt that we’ll get 100 bucks worth of fun out of it.