I went to Sno*Drift last weekend. It was actually my first time spectating an event. Usually when I’m not competing, I volunteer, but I decided to hang out with some friends and just watch this time. It was really cool to see.


I took along my crappy point and shoot to try and get some pictures of the field. It was really slow on the shutter. It’s not a good camera, but I got some non-blurry shots.

SS8 medical sweep

I left after work and got there around 8 pm planning to meet up with my crew chief in the parking lot across the street from service and promptly got stuck on the broken ice.


We hopped in his Legacy and headed to the last stage of the day. My camera did not want to focus, but the cars looked cool. Fervor had a big hit into the snow bank and one person needed help from the spectators to get free. I was surprised that a bunch of cars were missing, and it turned out that there was massive attrition with the bad conditions - standing water over ice.


Bonfire alley spectator corner

Saturday we managed to hit three stages, 9, 11, and 16. Hanging out at Bonfire Alley was really cool. We found some MTU students that remembered my car and gave me food. The stage didn’t seem as epic as when I ran it two years ago in the pitch black night.


SS9, first of the day

After all 17(!) cars passed, we headed to the awards banquet to talk rally and catch up with friends.


Here’s some video from a knock off action cam of SS8 and 9:

I wish I had more vacation time to actually be able to race, but I’m glad I went up anyway and got to see some racing and catch up with friends. Rally people are the best.