Snoozy afternoon

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Thought I’d use my PS2 today and put in Road Trip Adventure to play. Forgot how much I love this game!


Best I can describe it as, it’s a RPG/Racer with an open world set in a “Cars” like setting using japanese ChoroQ toy cars. You can even drive underwater with propellers or fly around with jets attached.

None of the cars you use are actually named like they are in real life, you simply pick a body over a naked chassis. But they’re pretty much a silly version of an actual car, like a Ferrari or in my case a Mercedes C124 Coupe. Here’s a video on what I mean:

Plus as a mini game you can play car football, wayyyy before Top Gear or Rocket League did:

Yeah the racing kinda sucks, in that sorta bar of soap sort of way and yes the music is pretty horrible (although the poppy american songs is bearable). But once you get the hang of it, its fun just collecting all the car parts and helping all the other little cars in their adorable car world.

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