Snow Chariot of Doom (update)

Charger and Focus ST

First off, I love my local Budget car rental. They buy Charger Scat Pack editions, Focus ST, Dodge Power Wagon, Mustang GT (6-speed), and some other exciting and not-your-average rental cars. Cars with some style and power.

Yesterday I started out in a Mustang GT manual transmission, having reserved a “premium sedan” or whatever. I need the cargo space, and the Mustang couldn’t deliver, so I went to the airport branch and exchanged it for a cherry red Charger Scat Pack.


The roads look terrible, as there is a winter storm warning for most of today along the northbound I-15 corridor heading into SLC. I leave soon and hope traction control and performance tires are up to it. It was bad enough in the rain yesterday.

Wish me luck!

Edit: Made it fine! Lost traction on the highway through the worst spot (light acceleration while changing lanes trying to avoid driving behind a plow truck), but there roads were petty ok otherwise, and the Charger is awesome!

Durango R/T, another Scat Pack, and the GT I started in

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