Snow Day!

So, the initial snowstorm only dropped 7 inches in my neighbourhood. Not bad, manageable. Most of it was melted by the end of the day too. Oh, but Lake Michigan likes to be a showoff...

By this morning, my neighbourhood got an additional foot.

On top of that, the temps dropped to the teens, so it took 45 minutes to remove the wall of snow and ice covering Tucker.


I decided to take a paid day off. I’m not even going to try going to work, the traffic map to work is redder than a Ferrari.

Once I got Tucker excavated, I went out for some breakfast. It was a blast drifting my way about empty parking lots while drinking a nice tea. :)


I also helped get a FR-S up an incline it was stuck on.

I also love how Tucker handles snow . The Best way to drive a smart in snow is to “brute force” it. Keeping momentum is absolutely key. So long as you keep momentum, the car will slice through any depth of snow. But, if you stop and the snow is deep-ish, there’s no guarantee that you’re going to get going again without turning off traction control and flooring it, or getting a push.

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