Well, I already know I have tomorrow off because the local school district already called it. No, I don’t work for the school, but I work for the nearby university, and they will follow the others, BUT they won’t do it tonight because college students will all throw a massive #snowdaydrunkday party immediately upon receiving a text that school is off. Instead, they’ll wait until 5:03 AM to send the message, which will wake up my dogs and start my day a lot earlier than necessary.

Fine, I’ll go start the woodstove and make coffee for my wife.

So I went outside to bring in a bunch of firewood so I don’t have to shovel out the woodpile tomorrow, or for several weeks for that matter.

And I “fixed” the loose plastic shield under our Volvo by taking it off and putting it in the basement. After much debate on how to deal with the cheesy rusty studs that come down to hold even cheesier little thin metal nuts, that are supposed to hold the plastic shield on... I decided to order some more of those terrible metal nuts because I don’t want to drill into the unibody of the car. Ugh, rust. I had been using small pieces of wood for nuts, which actually worked (!) but my local shop would have heckled me to death next time I brought the car in.


In other news, our cars are 0/3 for snow tires. My snows are still losing ~20psi / day so I haven’t put them on the car until my shop can clean up the bead and get them to hold air (next week). The Volvo, I’m waiting to put snows on until the all-seasons wear out so I can put on 16" snows and buy a set of 17" summer wheels and use the factory wheels for winter.

My wife’s X3, she puts waaayy too many dry highway miles to bother with snows (202k and counting). She can take the Volvo or my car when she has to deal with a snowy commute, like tomorrow. Luckily, those Swedes know what they’re doing when making a good snow car, and she’ll be fine with nearly-new all seasons and her careful driving style. Snows are better, I know, but she is very good.


Now commences me texting all the other parents I know to come over, drink beer, and go sledding tomorrow. Maybe have a bonfire because why not? Snow day! See below for a preview: