We got something like 8-10 inches of snow in Rhode Island last night, and after cleaning off the cars I wanted to give my driveway and opportunity to benefit from direct sunlight all day to aid in the melting process. That means one thing, and one thing only: put the vehicles on the side lawn.

First up, the wife’s ML350!


That’s as far as it got. If I wanted to tear up my lawn I could have backed up a little and gotten a little farther spinning the tires, but by and large that was all. The ML has 4-Matic all wheel drive and Michelin all season tires on it.

I actually thought it would make it a little further, but the wide tires (275s) and a slight uphill climb proved too much for it. That said, if my life depended on it, I bet I could find a way up that hill with it.

And next, surprising nobody, is my Land Cruiser:


The Cruiser had the tougher path, going through some really deep snow as it went up over the curb and onto the lawn. I don’t think I ever actually hit the gas pedal, it just crawled it’s fat ass up there like it was on pavement. I drove it up the ML’s path as well with the same ending.

That’s probably the least surprising result of all time, though I remember doing the same with my F250 with the same tires and it required a lot more work than the Cruiser did. Lots of tire spinning with the F250, even with the front hubs locked.


The Cruiser has more or less confirmed everything I suspected about it when I bought it. It’s comfortable, chugs fuel, and makes road surfaces its bitch. I’m about 2 months away from it being my favorite vehicle I’ve ever owned.