So it's snowing outside... again. Not a big deal, it's winter in Ohio. It snows. If I get fed up with it I still have the liberty to move to a warmer part of the country (Obama hasn't issued an executive order denying me that right, yet).

As I was preparing to plow the driveway this morning the wife asked that I drive to a small bakery about a mile down the road and grab her a couple of doughnuts. Being the dutiful husband I agreed. I live in a relatively rural area and the road to the doughnut shop is 50mph. On the way there I was behind a vehicle doing 30mph. On the way back I was behind a car doing 25mph. Both vehicles were 2WD with all season tires.


Now the roads were snowy and slippery, the townships street crews just can't keep up, but a vehicle properly equipped for the weather would not have to go 20-25mph under the posted limit. At 3pm I'm going to go to work. I would bet money that I will handle at least one crash and probably deal with two or three cars that have slid off the road and into snow banks. I would also bet that all of the vehicles involved will be 2WD and not have snow tires.

Why in the hell do people insist on driving on snowy roads when they have vehicles completely unequipped for it? Between my wife and I we have three vehicles: an AWD wagon (that doesn't get driven in winter anymore), a 4WD pickup, and a FWD hatch with snow tires, so when the weather turns we can actually get somewhere without being a slightly mobile chicane. When you live somewhere that it snows it is completely irresponsible to not equip your vehicle for the conditions you may encounter. If you're too cheap to buy a set of snow tires for your car, stay off the roads.

I'm done complaining now and I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday.