Hey Oppo so in November I have to go and pick up my gf and her cousin from college and bring them back to SoCal. They are in Flagstaff AZ at around 8500ft, Flagstaff usually has 10” of snow in November. Now I’m from SoCal and at this point ill probably have a Mustang GT with summer tires, what do I need to do to stay safe? No, I will not purchase new tires for one trip so please don’t say “get winter tires”. Ive never driven in snow before, let alone a rwd manual on summers. So Oppo what do I need to do to stay safe? An hour out of Flagstaff and I should be back to normal 80+ weather, ill only be there a few days and with maybe 50-75 miles of snow driving total. It is also a mountain, if that makes a difference. Interstate snow driving tips would be appreciated too as the only way up is a highway.

It seems like the general consensus is rent a car, my sister has a 2004 ford focus with all terrains on it that is seeming like a much better option at the moment. Or possibly chains on the ‘stang?

Here is a photo of a mustang I’m checking out today for your time: