It snowed/sleeted last night in South Carolina. I've also had my eye on an old shopping center that was completely abandoned mid-expansion years ago. This morning I woke up at the crack of dawn, confirmed work was cancelled, and decided to leave the Mini at home. Instead I fired up Herr Quattro and decided to go exploring said abandoned shopping center.

The result?


Dirty, dirty fun.


At the end of the morning's excursion, I headed back home (including a tiny bit of oppo on an empty roundabout), and parked the Audi right back where it started, beside Sir Nigel Cooper, Esq.


I doubt the neighbors noticed.

P.S. - Funny bit: When I was pulling into the apartment complex, the local beat cop passed by in his car while out doing his rounds. He saw the Audi and pulled in after me. As I was getting out and taking the above photos, he walked over and looked at it and just shook his head and laughed. He asked if I'd had fun. I grinned and said "Maybe a little." He asked where I went and I told him. I mentioned the lack of "No Trespassing" signs and asked if there was any issue. He just laughed and said "Nah. Nobody cares. Guys go there all the time in Jeeps and trucks since it was abandoned. This is my first time seeing a car that went out and played around, though."

(Reposted for the after-work crowd.)

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