This morning I got to use the snowblower for the first time this winter (see below) and this afternoon I finished the prep, masked, and primed the frame of the Chevelle.

Those bumpstops are held on with rivets so they’re getting painted. Won’t hurt anything, and you can’t see them with the suspension installed, anyway.

Being in a closed, heated garage I had to open the man door to get some sort of ventilation, because fumes. I discovered that, to spite my having cleared off the driveway in a timely manner (for once), it’s snowing heavily again.

So much for that, then. I was even thinking about running out to grab some stuff for this week.


My current plan with the Chevelle is to clean up and paint the master cylinder tomorrow (I want to do it before I paint the frame in case of cast-blast-overspray). Then Tuesday I’d like to paint the cowl/firewall (after cleaning them off, I’ve managed to get a layer of dust on everything in the garage) and paint the frame on Wednesday. This works out well since it’s supposed to be cold (like single-digit highs) tomorrow but in the 30's (almost 40's) on tuesday/wednesday, which means I won’t freeze with the door open to vent the fumes from the garage.


I had been wanting to paint the whole thing at once, but logistically it’ll be easier to do it in two parts, since I don’t really have anywhere to put the wires/MC/etc. that isn’t in the way of painting either the firewall or frame.