Northern Wi is getting its first real snow storm of the season right now. I’d say my town has received at lest 6-8 inches so far with more coming down. Today I drove around a bit running errands and going to work. I realized this morning that when we moved this summer some how our snow shovels got left behind. In the Parking of L&M Fleet I understeered and nearly slid into a parked truck. That truck was 2 spots down from the spot I was trying to turn into. So it became abundantly clear that the all seasons in my car are completely useless in snow. Also I tried to hoon a bit in an empty lot and I just couldn’t. All sliding no for grip. Besides the safety concerns I cant have an unfun car all winter.

So I went an ordered snows today, after procrastinating on it for over a month. I ended up going with Continental Viking Contact 7s. They had a 70 dollar rebate that made them the cheapest choose next to Uniroyals. And I’ve never heard a bad word about Continentals.

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I also ordered them in a slightly skinnier and taller size than stock. 215/55/17. Should result in better steering NV response in snow, and about half an inch of ground clearance. Looking around the wheel wells I should have plenty of room for them. It’ll be a big improvement from the 205/50/17s I ran last year which were actually too small. 

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