Hey folks, here's the deal: my wife drives an e46 330xi which has thus far performed admirably enough in the snow with all-season tires (because AWD is snowy-time magic, I'm sure you're familiar), but those all-seasons are getting rather worn. My wife recently had a low-speed incident with a stop sign which is no longer with us...minimal damage otherwise, but perhaps with the exception of my wife's self-confidence. Her car will need new tires soon anyway, I'm thinking we're still enough into winter to make it a set of snow tires. We've also recently moved to a rather backwoods and hilly area of PA, so there's more snow, more hills, and more turns to be dealt with, so I don't think a good set of snow tires would go amiss here. She's also a Dr and can't exactly call out of work when it snows, so I'd feel better knowing she's on good hardware. Thing is, I've never bought snow tires...don't know what to expect to pay, don't know which are better than others, don't know if I should get a spare set of wheels or get the rims swapped over every season. Might snow tires be cheaper now since it's the end of the year, or would it be better to try and wait it out and buy during summer? Any and all recommendations would be most welcome.

As payment I offer a dog driving a car while wearing sunglasses:


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