The time has come. The good roads turn to crap, fuel economy take a nose dive, people forget how to drive, and snowy parking lots are filled with skid marks. Winter, coming soon to a northern region near you.

So I need snow tires. Here is what I found so far:

- Nissan has a promotion for Yokohamas if you buy 3 your get the 4th tire for $1. So I stopped by the dealer after work for a quote. Here is what I got. For Yokohama’s Ice Guard IG52C’s they want $182.75/tire installed ($152 retail), and $110 for one 16" steel wheel. The HST on the tires be $75.28, and on the wheels it be $57.20. All in it be $1,152.61.

- My dad keeps sending links for used tires below $500. Every link is for Goodshityear Ultra Grip Ice’s. Yes I like saving money, but not on tires. Especially snow winter tires. I hate buying used tires, I don’t know how they where driven on, and how well they where taken care of.

I’ve already woken up to frost 3 days in a row now, and want some on within a week.