Snowblower is Fixed

When we last saw it, the formerly-flattened snowblower was short one chute. I was able to bend that mostly back into shape; where it creased stretched the metal enough that it still shows, but the back ‘arch’ of the chute is now back square and how it should be.

If for some reason the wavy sides become an issue, I will cut it at the creases and weld some supports on the outside to fully square it up, but I don’t see reason to do that when it’s most likely not necessary and will, in the end, look worse than the creased chute while working just the same.


The missing shear bolt finally came in the mail, so with that, a fresh spark plug (why not), and an oil change, it was back together. A gallon-ish of fresh gas in the tank, turned on the fuel valve, turned on the key, pulled the cord...

It started on literally the first pull. I do like these small honda engines (my push mower is the same way).

A couple thoughts:

* The height adjustment should have scrape, low clearance, and high clearance. It’s currently got scrape and medium, then “so high it can’t actually lock in because the handles hit the adjuster” - I think the manual has how this is to be adjusted, and I may have to look in to it. I don’t know if it’s a result of the crunching or if it’s just out of whack.


* I left the top of the gas tank as it was. Trying to pull the dent would have just made a mess, and it’s still sealed as it is. If nothing else, it’s a reminder of this machine’s troubled past.

* It’s currently a little warmer than usual for this time of year. I would not be at all bothered if I didn’t even need to use this, but that doesn’t seem likely. Most of the snow is usually January into February, so time will tell.

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