What the fuck, Jack Frost?

Stop playing tickle-the-daffodil with Snohomish County, you fuck. Just hit us with that rain already.


Meanwhile, I got home early today because work let out at 11; the seniors decided that staying in any longer risked snowing us all in at work. And for good measure, too — I almost got stuck in the parking lot, and another car was stuck with their hazards on. The snow was 12 inches in places, easily making it difficult for the Queen to push through.

Then I get home after an hour of driving (couldn’t get up Lowell Rd. because it was too steep and the snow was too damp), I promptly got stuck in the apartment parking lot. Had to fish out my sweeper that I’d been using to clean snow off the car, and dig a trench for the right side tires.

Managed to get somewhat acceptably into my parking space.

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