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Putting snow and Los Angeles in the same sentence is certainly a bit of an oxymoron but this winter has been wild. And I am not really talking about LA but the surrounding areas anyways. Right now I-5 and I-15 (sorry I mean THE 5 and THE 15, gotta speak the lingo) are closed in two high elevation areas due to winter weather. I was looking because my girlfriend’s parents decided that they would drive to Las Vegas to visit some friends today before flying back East on Saturday. Despite us convincing them that while the drive is USUALLY easy, winter weather will make it hell and its really not worth it for such a short period of time. But, “rental car already paid for” and “free lodging” in Vegas have them doing it anyways. Hope they end up getting there safely, as its definitely a mess out there!

Also, Mammoth is getting DUMPED on this month.

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16-24 Feet of snow this month (or 192-288 inches) which is about half of the season’s snowfall total. That is a crazy amount of snow, especially if it continues snowing for the next month of winter. I probably wont get to ski for another few weeks but there is certainly gonna be enough snow to keep this season going into August! The Spring skiing in May is going to be legit and I am looking forward to being able to tent camp at lower elevations while spending the day skiing on the mountain.

Bring on the winter, its definitely my favorite season of the year! Considering it was about 60 when I went out for lunch today and the sun was shining. Best kind of winter for me =)

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