(rant, kinda). It’s 1:52 am and there’s currently a solid 4 inches of snow outside. Now for other cities, this might not be such a big deal, but Seattle? Oh boy.

Despite joining the workforce I’ve still retained my grade school love for snow, so instead of sleeping I’ve been heading outside every half hour to make sure the snow gods haven’t let up. And let me tell you, I’ve seen some things in my condo parking lot.

First, my neighbor in her MDX knocks on my door asking me if I can move my car so she can get out easier in the morning. I like to think I was friendly, but the level of stupid in that simple sentence is hard to get across over the Internet. I may have given her the “are you that dumb?” look. She’s parked next to me, yes. However our parking spaces are Giant in both length and width and my tiny little Miata is FIVE FEET away from her SUV. And come on. She expects me to brush off 4 inches of snow at 2 am in the morning, remove my car cover (forgot to mention my car is covered, because it leaks like crazy at the moment) and somehow magically make my summer tires grip the snowy ground long enough for me to park down the street without bouncing off cars like pinball, just so she thinks she’d have an easier time parking? When in reality I know she’s a terrible driver and wouldn’t be able to get out of her spot if there was half the snow and no other cars around? Also who the hell knocks on their neighbors door that late for something that’s not an emergency? Gahhhhhh people are dumb. I told her she can borrow my shovel, salt, and sandbags (she said no thanks), but if I find any damage on my car in the morning she’d better have her checkbook ready. Let me just add, this is only the second time I’ve spoken with her. First was when she dropped a wine bottle outside and asked me for a broom to sweep it. She broke most of the bristles.

About 10 minutes after that conversation, a dude in a new f150 got stuck trying to get to his parking space. I should mention, this parking lot I refer to is flat. Totally flat. Just one long p-shaped strip, so you have a short piece that’s at the end of a street, attatched to a circle. Pretty simple. Very, very flat. Okay, so this guy had fairly knobby tires, 4x4 and weight in the back, so I can only imagine he had absolutely zero experience driving in snow. I offer him help, he says he doesn’t need it, so I go back inside. I hear him spinning his tires for a good 15 minutes and I go out again and hand him a snow shovel. As I’m going back inside, I catch a glimpse in the passenger window and it turns out he has a kid in the car, which is odd seeing as it’s past 2:00 am... But whatever. I left him to shovel and headed in (he was appreciative, but it seemed like he didn’t want me to stay and help). I’ll go check in a few minutes to see if he made it.


Despite how it sounds, I’m actually having a blast, so I’ll update this with more stories if I get them. And once again.... FOUR INCHES OF SNOW. Might as well blow up the roads for all the difference it would make around here