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Snownuts in NC

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Got about 10” today in NC and had a good time playing. Did two full miles of donuts in the parking lot. It was a good way to test out the handling of the truck since I haven’t had it out in the snow yet. Between the Discoverers and 4HI it was unstoppable.

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Also rescued some people today. Did a reverse pull about a half mile up the hill and got to test out some of my new ARB recovery gear. It was my first time doing a recovery so it was a fun adventure. Made a new friend too cause a guy in a Renegade Trailhawk stopped to help as well. Having his expertise was very helpful as a newbie. Moral of the story don’t go out in an SLK, and especially not if you don’t know what your doing. Took us forever to find the tow eyelet cause the trunk was absolutely full of stuff. Driving on summers too. Hopefully the driver will be more prepared in the future when he decides to venture out.

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