They said it was going to start raining around 6 or 7pm. Well not only is it NOT raining, but it’s snowing heavily and sideways, as we have a bizarre constant wind at the moment. Looks like four new inches already.

Tomorrow will hit 41 degrees, and the roads will be sloppy but usable after 11am. I admit it’s been real nice cooking with my wife the last week, walking in the snow, and having a nice drink as I stare out at the white canvas.


This has also not helped my desire for obtaining a nice truck-UV someday. My neighbor up the road owns a modified Rang Rover Classic and it just laughs at all this. Meanwhile, a little Jetta got stuck in front of our house, and this road was actually plowed THREE times today! Took out the Not-a-Corolla to run some quick errands, and wow my respect for that thing has skyrocketed. Zero issues driving it the last week and a half.

Thanks for indulging my posts. I’ve lived in this region my entire life, and have never seen anything like this, so the novelty of it all has been near overwhelming. But nothing bad happened, we we’re fully prepared — outside of having no snow shovel — and I had a good time.

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