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SnowRunner, Anyone?

I’m liking it. I wanted to get SpinTires back in the day, but it was PC only. When MudRunner (the console/PC port?) came out I forgot about it. But when I heard SnowRunner was coming out in a few months, I went ahead and got MudRunner on my Xbox for the paltry sum of like $8.

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I played the heck out of it, finished the game, and went SnowRunner came out last week I got that too. For a LOT more money. Because new game.

But I’m having a blast. I just finished all the local ‘missions’ on the first map, and now I get to start doing contract work between maps, and that sounds awesome.


I’ve been progressing slowly, as I’m still working 50 hours a week and trying to balance Xbox time with kids getting Switch time (I am also dabbling in Animal Crossing with them) so I only have a few trucks, and haven’t been to any other maps yet.

Anyone else out there playing? Maybe if I get bored with single player we could do some multiplayer stuff?

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