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Snowstorm driving woes...

For a 10 minute drive, I almost got understeered into...

Five times! People losing control while turning into intersections, many accidents are waiting to happen in this storm if not already... Thankfully, my father's car has AWD, and that's easier to get out of tricky situations in weather like this than the average car. I'm already tired of this winter, and I know many of you are too, I get that.


I drove to the vet to pick up my brother's cockatiel, and she'll be using a collar for a while, due to a mysterious wound under her wing, and she couldn't stop picking at the scabs. She was really feisty when I got her back, due to the collar.

I almost lost the paperwork for the appointment, thanks to the wind, thankfully, it got stuck in the snowbank beside the car, and I got some snow blowing down my neck retrieving it.

The windshield wipers weren't helping with visibility on the drive back. A bit of snow was stuck on one side, so I couldn't see very well when the wipers went back down, I was tempted to pull over and take the snow out of the wipers.


Winter is only fun under controlled situations, so enjoy some Porsches sliding around a snow course.

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