So, in my travels today I saw some lady on Rt 78 in NJ do a 180 at 55mph. That was fun because it happened in front of me. Lessons I hope she learned (realistically not) Do Not tailgate when conditions are 1/4 inch of slow on the highway. Number two Do Not slam on your brakes, use the engine to help slow your vehicle down. Number three DO NOT TAILGATE IN THE SNOW. ALSO BECAUSE YOU DRIVE A LARGE SUV DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE IMMUNE TO SNOW CONDITIONS. She slammed on her brakes and over corrected. Yelling is over, glad she didn't hit me or injure anyone including herself.

That was one of those moments where I wish I had a dashcam. The funny part was I saw it coming before it even happened. oh the audio from the dashcam would have picked up my ranting and many explicitness.

filthy front end for your time. Side note - winter tires FTW


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