So today we had a pretty decent snowstorm (currently in progress) here in the Rockford/NW Chicago area.

My buddy's dad got stuck and me being me I offered to help.

I drive a 2005 Ranger 4x4 4.0 Automatic. My old man paid $5000 for it. I didn't get stuck on the way to the guy, or on the way back home.

The 2005 Ranger. Seen today in front of the house in the beginning of the storm.


On my way home, I saw a car in the ditch. It wasn't a regular car though. It was a late model Lexus LX570. So I'm wondering now, why is it always expensive cars that are stuck. Is it owner cockiness? Because if the LX is based on the Land Cruiser, then shouldn't it be unstoppable?


Imagine this in a ditch with a lot more snow.

So which is it, owner mishap, or is it Lexus providing some bad tires? (WHO DO I BLAME???)