...there hasn't been any CCIARAT in a while, so I've been doing some little Google Street View road trips.

My recent ones have taken me through a state that I have a love/hate relationship with: New Jersey.

The state that has in some ways ruined modern pop culture, and is notorious for bad drivers, even though it's actually one of the safest states to drive in.

But, it's got it's good parts. It's the birthplace of one of my favorite convenience store chains, Quick Chek.

There's also lots of major roads in some areas that have car dealerships for miles.


Today's journey is gonna take me from Wildwood, NJ to Brooklawn, NJ on State Highway 47.

Already, I spotted the famous retro Wawa in Wildwood (and Street View went by there right as a CTS-V coupe was filling up).