My wife keeps suggesting reasons why she should drive the IS long term and I can have the Vibe! Haha, NO. Well, now she wants her own fancy Toyota. The tangled webs I weave... What have I wrought... And so on. She loved that little Vibe... Until she drove the IS and RX.

Turns out my wife also really likes the CT200h F-Sport in this lovely blue. Apparently it’s between this and the new RX350 (disclaimer: in *fictional* car world... We’re not in the market for a car right now obviously).


I am rooting for hard for the CT because it’s not big and ugly like the RX, kills it in fuel economy, and did I mention it’s not big and ugly. We also don’t need AWD. But she also really wants a crossover. The heart wants what it wants, right?

On the plus side, it’s really awesome to see how more interested my wife is in cars compared to when we first met :)

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