If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln


. I’m apparently due for a scolding Monday morning. I bought everyone lunch today, and then used our landline intercoms cube-to-cube mocking the stuffy office life. It then devolved into laughter, intercoms and pages galore, and being asked to explain to the folks at home about stuff.

It was so disruptive that one coworker was literally on the ground trying to catch their breath. Everyone was having a good time — except a certain someone. She’s going to my boss Monday to “put an end” to the fun. Lawl.

Morale in my department has been shaky and I made work fun. I was instructed by my boss to stop the negativity in the department and help squash the murmuring and shit talk that happens when times are tough. Well, instead of telling people to repress their feelings, I dstracted them with crappy fast food and got everyone laughing a little on a Friday afternoon. Is that so wrong?


I think I’d make a good boss. Short-lived though my position would be.

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