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So...675 Mile 240, With a Story I Can Only Describe as 50 Shades of Bullshit

Now before you attack me because you know something I don’t. I’ve tried looking for this one off Nissan online, tried looking for the dudes first buyback of which the man claims was Nissan “first lemon law buyback” so it shouldnt be hard to find. Although correct me if I’m wrong please.

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So this lovely *cough* auto *cough* 240, ad listed here


Is a 1997 with 676 miles, cool car with low miles until you look at that price.... $125000! CP CP CP

If that price isn’t enough to deter you and if you care to read the story that the dealership is backing that sounds ridiculous and out right crazy-


“I had waited for two months for my new 200sx to be delivered. Having finally received the call to pick it up from the dealer, I picked the car up and on the way home, found the car would not idle correctly when I came to a stop. I was not happy. Immediately I turned around and brought it back. This was the first service, of four to follow, to remedy this problem. However after five attempts with the service department, it was time to “Lemon Law” the car.

I wound up in court with four of Nissan’s finest lawyers to prevent me from winning since this would cause them to stop saying in their ads, “A Nissan vehicle has never been Lemon Lawed”. Well, fortunately I won my case and they had to change all their ads, and now offer me a new car. I upgraded and ordered a new 240sx instead of another 200. After five weeks it arrived and happily, I brought it home. I decided to put Mobil 1 oil in the car and as I was dropping down the rock shield, it fell onto my body filled with five inches of mud and about 20 newly growing trees. After much research I found out the 240sx had been in a major flood at the dealership in Conneticut, and was never re-registered as a flood vehicle. Instead it was shipped down to New York, and ultimately given to me as my new car. Once again, off to court I go! This time Nissan decides to send their five best lawyers to defend them. As luck would have it, the same judge that heard my first case was present for this one. After hearing my case and seeing the car he immediately went into a rage and said to the lawyers, “Five of you to fight one honest customer!?” This time it was his war also. He ordered them to give me the finest 240SX Nissan had available and at no additional cost.

The problem was that after all this time the 1997 cars were slowing down production and Nissan was gearing up for the potential new and fancy 1998 240's. In Japan, was a special built, special finished “Display 240SX “ which was to be readied and placed in a custom built mahogany showcase for all the new U.S. and foreign auto shows. Because of all the care and attention that went into this vehicle, it was not to be given to anyone. Two weeks later, having heard about this special car, the judge ordered Nissan to ship it to the U.S., in its wooden case, and eventually ship it to my New York dealer. Having carried out the order, the Senior Vice President of Nissan America was removed from her position and the company, now without a show car for all their presentations. After the car came home, I could tell immediately that this vehicle had been assembled with the care and attention of watch builders. The car also has a special built body of Nissan “DuraSteel” which prevents the car from ever getting rust.

It was obvious that this special car could never be replaced. I decided it will spend its life in the living room of a special built home. It would be started and ran a few times a year and insured and registered and taken for annual inspections to maintain the history and mileage records with the State of New York Department of Motor Vehicles. Every year the gas was drained and refilled, the oil and filter changed with Mobil1 only. The car would be washed and waxed and then returned to its carpeted spot in the air conditioned living room. It has never seen rain or put on the street other than in August. A few years ago, a friend who is one of the founders of Tire Rack, presented me with a custom made set of OZ rims made especially for the car in Italy ( five rims ) mounted with the best Michelin Super Sport tires.

The original alloy rims with the original Bridgestone tires have been kept in the living room with the car for all these years. All original papers that are in any way associated with the vehicle have been kept in a special airtight container with all factory included amenities. The car now has approximately 675 miles on it. All of them with the ultimate care and love a car could ever expect. However, after 20 years of enjoying its company, I am now retiring and it is time to turn over the care and love to its next owner.

I hope this person will appreciate and pride oneself in the ownership of this one and only car for the next 20 years !!” -BV

I haven’t been able to find anything formally saying that this car is really this Japanese auto show special in a mahogany case or anything about this guy’s first or second buyback online. The biggest question is raised when you come to the fact that some “judge” apparently forced Nissan to give this man the best 240 they had. I have never heard of a dodge avenger buyback ending with the dude accepting an srt8 challenger based on the judges judgement... But hey what do I know.


Original ad:


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