It was Gizmodo taking Nietzsche out of context, like everyone else. So I was going to write a little piece about his actual philosophy. I got a little into it and was like “ehhhh there’s probably a YouTube video that’ll be 5x more clear, concise, and interesting.” So here ya go.

I’ll just add a little bit that the video didn’t cover. He was very anti-nihilist. The bone he liked to pick with “external values” was that they’d always be flawed in some way and you’d eventually doubt them, which would ultimately lead to nihilism.

TL;DW- He get’s taken out of context a shit ton, because he spends a lot of time criticizing other philosophies and making exaggerated statements that get taken out of context; and assigned to him. Plus his sister and BIL intentionally twisted some of his work, after his death, to suit the Nazis.