I guess that when Toyota dealers here in Mexico get the Supra it’s just not gonna sell. Mexicans are, amongst other things, really brand concious ... so spending sixty thousand dollars on a Toyota is really something I don’t see very probable. But this has more to do with BMW.

You see, the Supra isn’t a Toyota (news flash!), which means that if a dealer wants to sell them, they will need to buy BMW tooling for the servicing... and that’s a problem.


I’m not certain how much the tooling cots, but I doubt that the ROI is gonna be good on that since Toyota won’t be able to sell many Supras here. Plus, what if owners want to service their Supras at BMW shops with techs that have more experience with BMWs? Would BMW let them. Well, no... it wouldn’t let them.

Well, that’s gonna be an issue.

On the other hand, could this turn out to be great? Maybe Toyota dealers could start taking in X5s and 540is for service for a third of the cost. But one thing is clear; Very few dealers will sell Supras because of the cost.

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