I’m caving to perceived peer pressure and presenting my own car history. But I don’t carry around pics of all my cars like most of you apparently do. These are stock photos (but all the same colors and trims as I had).


The first car I owned. I grew up in Indy, and my sister’s boyfriend’s mom was a fleet salesperson at an Olds dealer. She got me a good deal on one of their pace car replicas.


My first stab at luxury. It was a pretty nice ride, but with the usual Buick interior quality for the time. At least the engine was supposed to be bulletproof...until it grenaded itself on my and was worth nothing on trade-in.


Sporty but also practical, and very different, this suited me very well. We had a lot of fun together until the second engine lost compression. Time to jump ship...



My new convertible, or at least it was originally supposed to be. I decided to jump on a great deal and revisit the modern concept of big luxury while I could afford it. Twice the hp of any previous car I owned.


My wife’s Solara, bought when we first moved to Dallas. Legendary Toyota quality, except that one of the cylinders went bad, and time to move on.



The wife finally got her minivan wish and realized her true destiny. This is a great road trip car.