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So After a Day of Driving, I’ve Planned Out the First Mods

That’s a lie. There is nothing I want to do to it. With the FiST, I had a list. I had it on a lift within the first week. This car is better than I ever would have thought.

It does every single thing so well. I though maybe that the FiST did fun better, but after doing some backroad experimenting, I’m not sure about that anymore. Where the FiST was fun because it was like a go cart, and equally uncomfortable, this is fun because it just keeps pulling with a sense of precision. On paper my FiST should have been a little quicker. It’s not.


When it’s not being pushed, it’s just a car, a comfortable, almost boring car. After two years with the Fiesta beating my spine into submission, that is a very welcome change. Everything is layed out well, and everything is quick and simple to use. At night, the lights actually illuminate whats in front of you. The lights seem to harness the brightness of the sun. It works well as a car, and the FiST just really didn’t.

I actually drove a Focus RS the other day, and it did nothing for me, even getting back to the Fiesta was welcome. This on the other hand...

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