And with it, the minivan market is declining rapidly, likely replaced by crossovers. I don’t know about you, but minivans hold a special place in my heart.

Sure, they’re boring to drive, to look at, and they represent a demographic we don’t want to associate ourselves with. Car people liken the purchase of a minivan to the decline of their life style. You know what? I’ll miss the minivan when it finally withers.

We had a 2001 Odyssey when I was growing up. What other car took you to soccer practice, birthday parties at the water park? School? Our Odyssey was the soldier of the family; it fought for our enjoyment. It was our butler; it enjoyed every moment it was thrashed to 114,000 miles, before we sold it eight years ago. It was a part of our family, we loved it like family.

It was family.