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So, apparently Fiat makes a modern-day version of those old 27-window Samba vans VW used to make

The international Fiat Doblo is available with a high top full of windows.

If Chrysler ever sold it here, they’d sell more than they ever thought possible! Considering even rusted out shells of those old window vans can approach 50k, Fiat could sell a brand new van like that for like half price! \

For half the price of a 50-yo rusted out VW van, you could get a brand new window van.

Just too bad Chrysler is so insecure and jealous that they won’t sell a Promaster City (the US name for the Doblo) with full windows and 3 rows of seats, let alone this cool roof window van they make now.

(in the US, you can only get a Promaster City two rows of seats, and only two rows of windows, no windows for the rear sides)


anyway, here is a pic of the cool van:

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