For $30. It's called the Mach 6 and it's a slip-on velcro shoe that actually looks pretty good. And since I didn't feel like spending double or triple that price for a pair of Pumas that would probably be too narrow at the toe, I decided to give these a shot and bought a pair from Academy Sports a couple days ago.

I'll return in a week with a proper review, but so far they're extremely comfortable without any pinching or cramping of the toe box. The heel is nicely rounded with good stability, but while the sole at the front is thin enough to give good pedal feel, it's thicker at the back than I'm used to and therefore makes heel-toe downshift feel a little clunkier than my worn out old Dexters. They feel bulkier than what I'm used to, too, but luckily all of that bulk is near the ankle and towards the outside of the edge, leaving the inside of the shoe nice and svelte, which makes left-foot braking work well and tells me Fila at least put forth a respectable amount of effort into R&D for the overall dimensions of the shoe.