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So apparently we also have shady imports in Mexico

As a proud “Chilango” I do not venture into the rest of my nation very often. It is beautiful, diverse and disorganized; much like my high school girlfriend.


I found myself in a small town in the lowlands (Bajio) and saw these plates and, as a good Opponout; I became obsessed and searched them up. Apparently vehicle import laws here in Mexico are very strict, thus importing a car is hard (read: expensive and dumb) and bringing your car over the border can be a pain in the ass if you want to live here. So apparently an NGO called “peasant democratic union” here in Mexico “Makes” license plates for you in order to drive here, they say that their 150$ plates buys you an angry lawyer to defend your right to tax-evasion if a transit police officer ever dares stop you. Some newspapers say that up to 160,000 vehicles are registered with these plastic license plates and that many municipalities just let them because its better than pissing off all those people.

*Googles “Cheap R39 Skyline for sale in Japan”*



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