So as many enthusiasts do, I am constantly contemplating what car I want next. I love my mk6 GTI and I have no intent of getting rid of it anytime soon. This doesn't, however stop me from coming up with crazy schemes of selling my car and the mods on it for something different. Or winning the lottery (I don't actually play the lottery) and buying a million different cars that I would love to own. With the catless downpipe and Akrapovic catback exhaust I have on my car, it sounds quite lovely. I do however wish that my car sounded a bit better, or was at least a bit louder inside of the cabin. As a VW and a golf fan boy I absolutely adore the 3.2L 24V VR6 engine. This engine is widely renowned for sounding incredible, and I would love to own one at some point. I am also a huge fan of Porsches and have much love for boxer engines. I'm not particularly fond of V8s or large displacement engines. But the thought came to me to ask the Oppo community, what is your favorite sounding engine, but more importantly, what is the least expensive to buy (not worried about running costs) with the best sounding engine? I'm not looking for the cheapest car, but rather a car or cars with disproportionately epic sounding engines for the price. Obviously the used car market will be the primary focus. And seeing as I've already mentioned the VR6, I'll leave one more example. E60 M5 can be had for around 21,000, and if you've never heard the 10cyl S85 wail.