So as some of you may know, my car (1993 Volvo 960) has been having electrical problems lately related to the speedometer, and the transmission. Since there are 3 options that it could be (neutral position switch, speedometer repair, or rear speed sender) all of which are $150, and since I didn't know what I was doing with electronics, I let a local independent shop (the one I bought the car from, who are family friends) take care of it. They came to me today and said it was the rear speed sender, and now the car drives fine! It doesn't start in 3rd gear anymore, and there's no transmission error on the dash. However, the speedometer still doesn't work. On pre-1995 Volvos, the speedometer is a known fault, and there are no parts available for it, and no speedos are available to buy for less than $300, the only option is to repair it for $200. Since my car is driving fine now, and since my sister has an iPhone 4S at the house that I could use for free with a speedometer app, I could have my car back running again for no extra money. Would you guys recommend that or to fix the speedometer? I called the police today and they said that it shouldn't be a problem since I'm not texting and driving. Have some Bricks!