On our night time walk, one of my dogs has just been chased across the green and into a fenced corner by the world’s angriest cat, which then proceeded to beat the living shit out of her face, ears and hind quarters. It only stopped attacking her when I ran up towards them screaming like a lunatic. She’ll be off to the vets in the morning for a check up on one of her ears (they are by far the worst affected) but the bleeding has stopped and I’ve wrapped her head in gauze so that she can’t reopen the cuts when she shakes or fusses with them. It really pisses me off when people talk about Staffies being dangerous dogs, she didn’t retaliate, and even balled herself up into the corner to try and avoid more punishment, hence the damage across her back legs and tail. Seriously, a fucking cat? That’s not how the nursery rhymes go. So much drama for a midnight runabout.

And pre cat, post whiteboard marker.