So close...

When you’ve been trying to get it to fit all day only to realize you actually need a 12" shaft. Damn.

I finally started to swap the transmission on my ‘66 GMC. I picked up a rebuilt TH350 from Hughs Performance for dirt cheap. Like, almost free cheap. I got a the TH350, spare running SBC 350 with aftermarket lightweight pullies, a new Hughs TC, a new engine stand, silicon rad hoses, new ss fuel lines, new roller rockers, new valve covers, flex plate, a free haircut, and an Arturo Fuente cigar for $700. Well, I didn’t check the tailshaft length on the new transmission and it is 3" shorter than the old one. It looks like the one I orginially had on there was too short too.


The problem now is that I have a longbed, and there aren’t any longer driveshafts available for cheap. The proper solution is to uave my driveshaft cut and lengthened. The cheap solution it to buy a longer yoke. The awesome solution would be to cut my truck down, move the rear axle up, and make it into a flat bed rat rod. Decisions, decisions.

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